Engagements and Fees

Types of engagements

I have acted as an expert witness in relation to a range of banking and finance issues, providing opinions on:

  • The amount of finance likely to be available to settle contracts to purchase real estate.
  • Whether lenders have met their obligations under the Banking Code of Practice.
  • The amount of finance likely to be available to a party to construct a large processing facility, and the terms on which it would have been available.
  • The alternatives available to a listed company in undertaking a balance sheet restructuring.
  • The amount of finance likely to be available to a party to fund the acquisition of contract mining equipment.
  • Lender dealings with loan drawdown notices.
  • Whether Bank and non-Bank lenders complied with good lending practices.
  • Whether a lender could sell a portfolio of distressed loans.

Saying No to work is important to me

I will tell you if I can’t meet your deadline (I haven’t missed one yet), I will tell you if I don’t think I have the right expertise for your assignment, and I will tell you if I know of someone who’s CV makes them a better fit (about 20% of cases so far) and give you their contact details.


I normally charge on an hourly rate basis.  I will not act on a success fee basis because to do so is fundamentally inconsistent with the obligation to provide impartial evidence.

The types of questions I am asked vary, and they are fact-specific, so my fee will depend on the specific questions that I am asked to consider, and the nature and extent of the evidence relevant to those questions.

By arrangement I will work on a fixed fee basis (i.e. set a “fee cap”) to prepare a report.  To set a fee cap I will need the questions in final form, and access to the evidence, so that I can estimate the time required.

Pro Bono work

I have worked on pro bono matters, and am happy to consider doing so with others working on the same basis – but always subject to a case by case consideration of my capacity and existing commitments.